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The Clan politics of Puntland state: After Growe???
The Majerten dominated and Arta influenced delegates at Garowe are in disarray. They had been manipulated by Arta endorsed agenda. Some of them were sincere, in dislodging Abdullahi Yusuf out of office. His unpopularity in some quarters of Puntland is unabated, but compared to any other Puntland politician he still gets a positive nudge over them. Major clans in Bossaso feel that he deserves what Osman Mahamud politicians had done to him, because they believe that he favored and showered the perks of the state to Osman mahamouds on the expense of all others.

If Puntlanders have boosted their egos in not using the barrel of the gun for advancing their interest but negotiations, after the news of Jama Ali Jam's endorsement from Garowe meeting, clan passions are high in Bossaso and every clan is organizing and equipping it self to the teeth. The port, the airport, and the four police stations are under the control of Jama ALi Jama and Yusuf X. Nuur loyalists/clan cousins. In fact both the heads and deputies of any important facility in Bosaso are under the control of Jama Ali Jama's clan cousins. Jama Ali Jama and his elk believe that it is their god given right to lead Puntland and the rest should tag tow. The reality of the ground might support him; Who ever end controlling Bossaso will control Puntland. Now Jama Ali Jama and his cohorts control the port city of Bosaso! But how long?

What is more perplexing in these crises is Garowe's deception and betrayal of long held Puntland Agenda. Both their traditional Isims and famous personalities are in the take of Arta. Traditionally Isse mahamuds were the least to expect in wrecking a Majerten ship, let alone Puntland's yearning for statehood under federalism. It was not foreseen that Garad Garase would become a fervent supporter of Arta initiative and choose the highest bidder in return of his services. It was not foreseen the old self of Islam Mohamed Islam Muse would re-appear again as he was a known puppet of Siad Barre's regime. He was the only powerful traditional figure from Puntland who ever met with Siad Barre, face in face and accepted Siads Government. No other Powerful Majerten Isim ever met and accepted the legitimacy of Siad Barre's Government, including the Beldaje of Ali Saleeban.

In hindsight it was wrong to make the capital of the region in a one-clan city. The history of Mogadishu in Somali politics should have rung a bell, when selecting a capital for Puntland. The outcome of these crises must be the negation of Garowe to be the seat of Puntland state, knowingly and predictably that might force Isa Mahamoud politicians in the mercy of C/Qasim's hands. The behavior of Garowe in the last few months is sickening and unacceptable to a fledging democracy. The damage caused by the course of action its traditional leaders have chosen is irreversible. The lights are becoming dimmer by the day for Garowe to keep and sustain the Capital of Puntland. Garowe was a state capital, but its traditional leaders and politicians supported an initiative that would not accept the existence of statehood in Somali Politics, that itself should have explained a lot! What was expected from Garowe was to be the most resisted to Centralism in Somalia!!

Bosaso or Galkacio should have been chosen for the capital of Puntland. Bosaso is a multi clan city of Harti clan conglomerate, where no one clan will be able to dictate, while Galkacio has a tradition of not giving a weight to the traditional Isims. In Galkacio, politicians, businessmen and elites have more weight than the Isims. It is the only place in Puntland where Politicians can force the traditional Isims to accept the voices of the public unlike Garowe. Galkacio clans are also more egalitarian than any other place in Somalia.

The lone warrior, Abdullahi Yusuf has more than many ways to tip the balance on what ever he favors. But should realize his time to exit is long overdue. A pure, honest and broad straight shooter who had never been comfortable with the cutthroat Politics of Somalia, and who endured the illegitimate criticism on his peace efforts and negotiations on Galkacio with Sacad Habargidir. In final analysis he was right to seek peaceful negotiations with the Habargidir in Muduq, even though both Hassan Abshir and Jama ali Jama were in the camp of Gen. Haman who publicly criticized the peace efforts of Abdullahi Yusuf in galkacio at that time. His long stand against Al-Ittihad elements, earned him the support of the international community. He has a hinge and peculiarity of never gaining anything in an easy manner, always gets through in the hardest imaginable way, who never new anyway else. That characteristic alone most likely had re-enforced the perception of him as a strongman or dictator. Still it is clear, that the crisis of Puntland is his own making, as he created not a single independent institution in Puntland, beside the police and army. Instead of concentrating the business of Puntland he concentrated the Somali peace process, which gave the public an impression of him using Puntland as a step to further his political future in the big pot of Somali Carcass.

Once again the Majerten bickering is alienating other clans in Puntland. If these crises have proven any thing, it has proven the self-absorption and disregard of Majertens to the voices of large non-Majerten clans in Puntland. These crises made Some Puntland citizens, feel as second-class citizens whose voices have no power of persuasion. This insult will be hard to be cured in the future. Not only that, but re-enforced the sixties conception of Mahamoud Saleeban greediness.

It seems Majertens are not learning the lessons of the past any time soon. A magudbayaal since 1969.

Liiban Cadduur
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